H.D.Arnold Electron Discharge Amplifier Dec. 30, 1924

About me

  I am a sound engineer, specialising in music production for commercial CDs, music for theatre, film and advertisements

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As long I can remember, I liked messing around with electronics, constructing and deconstructing electronic circuits.

Since 2009 the main source of income was my recording studio were I had a successful career in music production helping mostly hopeless musicians to make it in the music busines.

  From 2009 onwards I decided to dedicate myself to one of my old hobbies, that is the construction of high-end valve amplifiers.

I suppose you are here because you are a purist like me, seeking the perfect sound. Seek no more.

The amplifiers I build are made with the highest quality materials for total aural satisfaction. If you want to listen to the music to its full depth, you are in the right place.

In case you want to be a privileged owner of one made to measure tube amplifier with the recommended loudspeakers please  contact me.

All amplifiers are unique, specified by the one who orders them.

N.Tesla AC to DC generator Oct. 22, 1889

Tech & Materials

  The amplifiers are hand-made with the best components from around the world, my products are made after my vision on audio quality without compromise on the materials and looks! The transformers that I use are from Japan (Tamura, Tango, Hashimoto), Sweden (Lundahl) and from local craftsman (E. Antoniades). Tube sockets by Yamamoto or NOS of MIL grade, capacitors by Panasonic, BC Components, Sprague atom and Jensens(RIP). The resistors are Vishay, Ohmite, Audio Note tantalum and NOS Allen Bradley. The chassis are laser cut, metal-plated and electrostatic painted using steel, stainless steel or brass. Last but not least, the valves are hand-picked prime quality NOS or of modern production.

Know How M-Amps Are Built


Feel free to contact me at the address below, for any information regarding my prototypes. Any feedback would be also appreciated.


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