Ghosts of Century Past

Behold the Guilty ones! Guilty of making everything sound like everything else….burying anything remotely interesting in the plethora of mediocre DIY productions.

This is the ‘’Don’t Panic’’ version of Notator for Macintosh. (AKA the Great-Grand Father version of Logic Pro) 

 Emagic was planing another version for the common Pc but never produced, there was Steinberg’s Pro24 and later  Cubase that ruled in the Windows environment.

Not to forget that the commercial digital audio started with Sound Tools that evolved in Sound Designer II and the .sdII  files that set the foundation for the .aiff and .wav files.

ProTools will follow.

Last but not least we have to mention the Waves Plug-ins that shaped the digital sound.

That’s the famous ADB dongle for Mac that bore the Waves Plug-in licenses.

When the master tape transformed to master CD one of the first software used for CD publishing was the MasterList CD.